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Dwell on Pugh & Scarpa; Fuller Lofts Newly Rendered

A friend passes along a scan of page #116 from Dwell's October 2007 issue discussing two local projects we've been keeping our lazy eyeball on. The first is the affordable housing project from Community Corp of Santa Monica, designed with those distinctive metal sails on the front and the wall made of crushed aluminum cans. It's one of those buildings you either love or hate. But our good eye was drawn to a new rendering of the Fuller Lofts, another project designed by Pugh & Scarpa. After many posts commenting on the blah, blah creams and grays of the project, we were surprised to see the lofts are now featuring a wall of colorful red, yellow and purple blocks. It evokes the bathroom tile stylings of Kanner's Hollywood and Western Red Line station, which we love. Renderings on the P&S site and the Fuller Lofts' official site still show the old renderings, so maybe they just fancied them up for Dwell, but we can always hope.
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