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Storefronting: Where Have All the Big Lots Gone?

[Image by Flickr user David CHOU]

WEST LA - Say Bu-bye to another Big Lots. First we learned the Lincoln Big Lots is making way for Whole Foods in Venice, now a reader writes in with news of another impending closure. "They're closing the one near me also -- at National and Sawtelle in West L.A. Since it is smack in the middle of a Ralph's and a Rite Aid, and there is a Whole Foods 1/4 mile away and three Trader Joe's within 1 mile, I doubt it is any of those food outlets moving in. Any ideas?" Um, 99 cent store?

CANOGA PARK - Diamonds are a girl's best friend. The West Valley is about to get a lot friendlier with the impending opening of a Tiffany & Co. Another reader writes it to let us know the Westfield Topanga mall is becoming the West Valley Rodeo Drive: "Tiffany & Co has announced that it will open a new store in the valley. It will be located at the Westfield Topanga mall and will open next spring. The store will join 2 other luxury retailers already under construction: Cartier and Salvatore Ferragammo (both opening this fall)."