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Attention Gentrifiers: San Bernardino Needs Some Love

Attention trust-funders and other independently-moneyed individuals. Instead of dropping a quarter-million on a second bedroom in downtown LA, why not help turn around one of California's worst mid-sized downtowns? San Bernardino tops CP&DR's new list, but $315,000 will buy a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom, underwater-themed oasis for radiating revitalization in this "depressing and dangerous place." Or do the ultimate civic thing and revive a shopping center across from the "dead" Carousel Mall for a mere $9 million. Rite Aid moved out but, luckily, "continues to pay rent on time."
· California's Best And Worst Mid-Sized City Downtowns [CP&DR]
· Residence: 110 King St., San Bernardino [Prudential]
· Retail: 555 West 2nd St., San Bernardino [Trulia]