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Kabbalah Kids Academy Expands on Robertson

[B/W scan of a copy of a copy of Ostin Spirituality for Kids Academy, on Robertson]

Good news for our learning and spiritually deficient youngsters. The Kabbalah's Spirituality for Kids Academy has received approval to expand on its current location on Robertson Boulevard. Via the online City docs, the SFK Academy will demolish its existing structure and the veterinary hospital next door (animals don't have souls) to build a shiny, new three story, learning facility. We can't really comment on the architecture of this structure since the black and white rendering is hard to make out, but we do appreciate the understated signage used by the Kabbalahists, as opposed to that other religion. In the meantime, we're trying to track down some decent color renderings.
· Case No. CPC-2005-389-ZC-ZV-CU [City of LA]
· Spirituality for Kids [PDF] []