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Rumblings & Bumblings: Signs of Confusion

Hola. We have four questions of varying importance this week. Please answer at least one. Please post your answers in our comments or as always you can email us if you so choose. Questions, comments, concerns to

1) Hollywood: "What's up with the new signs on the Heritage Bookshop on Melrose just west of La Cienega? We all knew they were closing, but thought it was because the building was bought out for another use (as an antique shop?). There is a for rent sign out front. Is that just a short term rental, or did the originally interested tenant drop out?"

2) Echo Park: We'll look into this. "Any idea what's going on with the construction on Glendale and Clifford?"

3) Los Angeles: A reader proofreads street signs in his spare time. "Driving along Beverly Boulevard, as I like to do, I've noticed that several of the street signs have an extra 'e'. This one (above) is at the corner of Martel and Beverl(e)y west of La Brea. There's another one I've noticed just west of Vermont. Why haven't these been fixed?"

4) Hollywood: Development delays, perhaps? "I thought I saw something previously that the Bond Companies was planning to build something at the corner of Van Ness and Hollywood. So far, the lot is as weedy and chainlinked as ever. Any idea when we can expect to see more over priced condos at that corner?"

Answers Thursday.