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Ask Curbed: Help with Building Permits

Bureaucracy is sometimes the bane of our existence and it doesn't get much worse than the City of LA. A Curbed reader is stuck in permitting hell with the Building & Safety crew - we've been there - and is looking for some help, some advice, someone to care. Well friend, we care. Sort of.

Dear Curbed,
Have any of your other readers written in with complaints about the permit processes downtown? I live in the Textile Bldg (Santee Court), and have been fighting through the permit process for almost a year now. For some reason, I decided it was a good idea to swap my kitchen for one of my bathrooms, and I have half the mind to bail out of the idea all together. Wouldn't it make sense that the new Loft market make every effort to streamline the remodel/permit process, or do they really think that every person that buys a loft wants it exactly the way they bought it?

My most recent absurdity: my planner, [Joe Blow], is now on indefinite jury duty (without prior warning, of course) and nobody can fill his shoes in the meantime. Fun.

Can someone from Building & Safety or a politician please help this poor chap out? He just wants to eat where he currently showers. Is that so wrong?