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Storefronting: Black Really IS the New White

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Ciao Miu Miu? A reader sends in a tip that Miu Miu is about to vacate its space on Melrose and DC Shoes will be moving in. (UPDATE: A kind reader below tells us Miu Miu has been closed for a year.) And we weren't kidding when we said black is the new white. The rendering above is apparently an older one: "the challenge has been respecting the integrity of existing building while asserting new brand identity on it. Proposal now is to paint building completely black." Dude, seriously. LA is hot. And sunny. And already insufficiently capable of meeting its energy needs. We want to nip this trend in the bud.

VENICE: We're taking a break from the Starbucks angst to welcome news on the impending Whole Paycheck Foods. A reader interrogates the Big Lots manager and found out "Big Lots closes in October. CVS is moving to where Foot Locker used to be (a major sq footage reduction). CVS signs are already inside the new place, so it seems rather definite. Whole Foods begins demo work towards the end of the year in both CVS and Big Lots." Rejoice Venetians. You will have your organic flaxseed chips soon enough.