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Hollywood Whole Foods Revealed?

It's rendering day--from another reader, we get this vision of a sunless future. Also, in 2009, people will have neither noses or mouths.

"This rendering is looking at the North-West [ED: South-East, according to comments] corner of the Selma & Vine intersection in there goes the last large open-air parking lot! In the background (rendered white) the old 360-building, up until recently covered in Transformers ads. Hooray for development! Soon all of Hollywood will be full blocks of 12-story buildings (the limit I assume set by the Taft building), and there will be no sunlight hitting the streets anywhere. Let us rejoice. Groundbreaking for this project is scheduled for 2009. I'm sure it, too will include "low income housing" like the W Hotel that starts at a measly $1500/sqft."