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Age Before Beauty?

Getting around to this month's must-read list of bureaucratic newsletters, we finally learned the other nine properties added this spring to LA's list of "historic cultural" monuments. Year built, property name and address:

1925: Mayfair Apartments and Rooftop Neon Sign, 1760 North Wilcox Ave.
1953: O'Neill Duplex No. 1, 2342-2344 West Cove Ave.
1923: San Marino Villas, 3390-3396 West San Marino St.
1929: Bakman House, 10623 Riverside Dr.
1924: 810 South Spring Street Building, 810 South Spring St.
1889: Raphael-Junction Block Building, 1635-1637 North Spring St.
1910: Higgins Building, 108 West 2nd St.
1922: Garber House, 6058 Scenic Ave.
1928: Val D'Amour Apartments, 854 S. Oxford Ave.

1924: Hollywood Professional Building, 7046 Hollywood Blvd. That's ten more buildings eligible for 7" by 10" bronze plaques! Can the Charles Phoenix tour be far behind?
· Office of Historic Resources July 2007 PDF [Department of City Planning]
· Historic-Cultural Monument Report by Community [Department of City Planning]
· Higgins Building Declared Monument [Curbed LA]