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We Found Our Balls

We avoid thinking about the asterisk-plagued accomplishments of Barry Bonds. Why? Because we let other blogs pander to sports freaks. We're a serious blog. About sense of place. Or something. We're not entirely sure. Josh left very little editorial direction before he sprinted off to world series fantasy camp. Then we thought, aw hell with it, when we saw these baseball fan maps:

San Francisco Giants: Small coastal strip below San Francisco Bay, a large one north of it, all the way through Oregon to Seattle Mariners country.
Oakland Athletics: Almost denied coastal access by the Giants, this land surrounds the Bay and fans out further inland.
LA Angels of Anaheim: Squeezed small by the Dodgers, Padres and Diamondbacks.
LA Dodgers: Mid-California, from the coast into southern Nevada.

Beyond those, we're just glad Bond didn't hit number 756 in a geography where Malingering was in attendance.
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