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“Donuts. Is There Anything They Can't Do?”

Apparently, if the variety is Dunkin', they can't move into LA. One of our east coast-transplant readers with a yen for sweet, fried, round pastries tries to decipher the mystery of the missing Dunkin' Donuts. Whither the donut?

I am a New York transplant who has been living here in Los Angeles for almost 5 years. Along with my many friends who all hail from the east coast, we often wonder and debate on the biggest commercial mystery surrounding these parts --- WHERE THE HELL IS DUNKIN DONUTS!!!!!

Looking on their website, the nearest one is over 300 miles away in Sacramento. Why the absence of such a popular (and demanded) commodity throughout the Southern California region? It is often regarded as the best coffee for the "working man" and the clear-cut donut champ in the US. I know that it's something that would succeed here. Hell, I've worked on film sets where fresh DD is brought in daily for the crew and my current job at E! networks even provides ground DD coffee for our work pots.

Any insight at all would be much appreciated. I've heard rumors and speculation, but no concrete answers on the lack of such a well-known American establishment.

If we've finally truly entered a good old fashioned east coast/west coast cupcake war, can a donut one be far behind? Cupcakes go where donuts fear to tread?