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Koreatown's New Retail: Yogurt, Coffee, and Juice

[Images provided by Metrorider]

A reader writes in with an update on all of the retail moving into Koreatown, and into the Mercury in particular:

The storefront businesses at the Mercury high-rise condos, at Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue, are now open. These are: a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a Jamba Juice and a Yogurtberry.

The door to the Mercury's shopping arcade was also open, but not too many businesses have opened up in this area.

This is Koreatown's second of three Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores. The first was a counter inside the Ralphs across the street from the Mercury, which was upgraded three months ago. The third will be at the condos above the Wilshire/Vermont subway station.

This is K-Town's first Jamba Juice. Its rival, Robeks, has a store at Wilshire and Normandie Avenue.

Yogurtberry is of course, another shop selling tangy frozen yogurt, otherwise known in this neighborhood as K-Town kudzu. Besides freestanding yogurt shops, coffee and boba houses also sell the stuff, with nearly one place to buy yogurt on every block.And our dear reader even went so far to send us pictures, albeit all taken with a cell phone cam.