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Rumblings & Bumblings: Where's the Progress?

Co-editor Josh (pictured above) is still working on his Dedeira and Aú Giratória somewhere near the Amazon, so we're taking over Rumblings & Bumblings yet again. Answers posted on Thursday. Impress us with your knowledge or impress the world in the comments.

1) Hollywood: Let's start off with a good question about a building we've been covering for a while now: "what the heck is taking so long with the re-do? now that most of the transformer wraps are down, i would've expected to see a little more progress... yet it looks nearly just as gutted as it did a year ago. how can it be this slow when other buildings have gone through complete transformations or been built from the ground up in this time? or is it just me?" Heck yeah!

2) Venice: Finally, an email that isn't about Pinkberry or Whole Foods in Venice: "I was driving down Rose yesterday in Venice after eating some delicious arroz verde at La Cabana when I realized there was a large dirt lot that I had never noticed before. After thinking about it for a bit, I realized that there used to be an abandoned bread factory at this location. Any news on plans for this area?"

3) Mid-city: What is this? The week everyone notices no progress on every single development project in LA? Another inquiry: "I read a report on curbed that the Lowe's in Midcity, on venice/sanvicente/pico was going to break ground July 1? What is taking them so long to start something??" Man, you people are impatient. Funny how both are CIM projects. CIM, you have a lot of 'splaining to do!

4) Ontario: Ok, we'll throw San Bernardino County a bone. A reader asks "What is going on in Ontario at 4th and Haven? It looks like its going to be a massive mixed-use community with an arena, hotels, retail, offices and, of course, condos. It's showing promise. I think it's called Torino. Any insight on this one?"

5) Woodland Hills: The only retail topic that generates more interest than yogurt shops is supermakets. Or maybe that's just us. And at least one reader: "Woodland Hills rocks when it comes to markets. Trader Joe's in moving into Longs Drugs location...whoohoo!! But when is Vons going to close down? The inside is almost bare...and who is moving in? We don't need another supermarket w/ the newly remodeled Ralphs next door, Whole Foods down the street & soon TJ."

Got a few more questions? Know something we don't? (Don't be so smug. It's a low bar). Work for CIM? Let us know.