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Supermarket Roundabout: Tesco, Whole Foods...and 99 cent stores?

CHINO HILLS - And another one pops up. A reader sends us the latest ABC application from Tesco/Fresh & Easy that reveals yet another location in San Bernadino. This one will be located at Soquel Canyon Rd & Pomona Rincon Rd. Our only knowledge of Chino comes from The OC, so we have absolutely no firsthand knowledge of the intersection we just mentioned. [CurbedWire Inbox]

VENICE - We reported a couple of months ago that the mysterious Venice Whole Foods location would be on Lincoln and Rose. What was unclear at the time was whether Whole Foods would replace Big Lots, CVS or the 99c store. Cheapskates rejoice! The 99c store is saved! A reader discovers the layout for the new Whole Foods and explains "the site is run by Combined Properties. It also appears that the Big Lots and the CVS are not part of the new plan. An ironic note is that Whole Foods would be going into a location that was a SAFEWAY then a VONS Grocery Store many years ago." Apparently Whole Foods thinks Venice is gentrified enough to support high-end organic grocery shopping. The winds of gentrification do indeed blow unabated in Venice. Viva La Pinkberry! Viva la Whole Foods! [CurbedWire Inbox]