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CurbedWire: Rialto Closing Rumor?

SOUTH PASADENA - LA Magazine just named the Rialto Theater the Best Midnight Show in LA a few weeks ago. Better hurry if you want to catch it. There's a rumor afoot the theater is closing in two weeks. The theater has been operated by Landmark since 1976 but it seems the Landmark doesn't own it. According to the rumor mill, aka a reader with a possible scoop, "the owners need to do a lot of work to it and can't afford it so i think they are selling it. [Name redacted] thinks it'll be renovated into a live venue like the Alex in Glendale." The theater has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978 but that offers scant protection. And by scant, we mean none. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - We don't normally do this, but since they asked so politely, we are going to mention KCRW is in the middle of their summer pledge drive. Just in case you somehow missed the aristocratic purr of Frances Anderton entreating us to subscribe. [CurbedWire Inbox/KCRW]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - If that guy giving you CPR could use a breath mint and a shower, blame the Weho Planning Commission. Ambulance service WestMed has vacated its Santa Monica Blvd premises after being denied a Conditional Use Permit. The Weho headquarters served as a station their drivers could us to shower, nap and cook while serving their 24 hour shifts. The ambulance drivers are now operating in "fluid deployment" meaning “They sit at street corners until they get a call.” Funny, that's exactly what Bodie and Poot do in The Wire. [Weho News/CurbedWire]