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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

Thank you to those of you participating in this week's game. This was a quick turnaround. Now, the answer to yesterday's Merry Melody Acres...

SALE Price: $800,000
Listing: Sold on July 2, 2007, this Melody Acres homestead was listed at $839,000, but someone got a little price reduction before taking ownership of this tear-down. As noted by a commenter, this area is being redeveloped with multi-million dollar mcmansions and the neighbors are constantly up in arms over horse rights, mansionization and water-flow issues (there are no gutters in the neighborhood). If you have dreams of subdividing, think again.

Commenter Leila feigned ignorance, but nevertheless hit the sale price dead on. Most of you guessed several hundred thousand dollars low but a few of you saw the potential for this property, after the teardown and clean-up. Good job everyone!
· 5822 Melvin Ave., Tarzana, CA [REMAX by Jerry Keller]