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Storefronting: All Along West 3rd Street, and Pasadena Too!

PASADENA - Our little bloggy sister was out and about in the Dena this past weekend and sent us this update on retail in her hood: "One, I attached a pic of the American Apparel store [pictured above] going in next to the Apple store on Colorado Blvd. The two do seemingly go hand in hand. Note the street urchins camped out in from of Apple store. Figures. This yoga apparel store Lululemon opened recently towards the west end of Colorado. Bush in whatever pose that is on the window [pictured below]." [CurbedWire Inbox]

BEVERLYGROVE - It seems Tasha of Blackburn & Sweetzer doesn't leave the house in her neighborhood without her camera. Which suits us just fine. To wit: photographic evidence of all the new shops along West 3rd Street, including a place called Magenta boutique steps from the newly opened Pixie Market, Romp Boutique (which is currently steeped in Slovakian/eco mystery), and the kudzu of yogurt, Pinkberry, with a Farmer's Market outpost. Better hurry people. Only 117 shopping days left til Christmas. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]