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Broker Boys & Babes: Know Your Realtor

Today we cut loose two more. Lisa Brende of Coldwell Banker and Anthony Stellini of Nourmand & Associates. That leaves us with the final two. Now let's learn a little bit more about our finalists, shall we.

Jessica Blafer, Coldwell Banker.
The nominator says: "I am nominating Jessica because it's simple. She's a hottie...that's obvious. But I would never do her the dishonor of naming her just that. She's a smart cookie with a keen eye for business as well as an eye-catching physique. She can wheel and deal with my life savings any day ;)"
Link: Featured Listing - 541 Camino Del Sol Drive, Calabasas

Tami Humphrey, Keller Williams, LA Beach Living Team.
The nominator says: "She should be the hottest Broker Babe because...she is. I've yet to meet a female agent who is more attractive as a person, both on the inside and out. She comes from a real estate family and after starting her own team has already become a force to be reckoned with in the South Bay. Did I mention she can stage a home like no other?!? ...and those negotiating skills are truly rockstar."
Link: LA Beach Living TV
Link: Featured Listing - 3838 Bluff Street, Torrance, CA, 90505

Bobby Boyd, Sotheby's, Sunset Strip Brokerage.
The nominator says: "Drool." But don't take the nominator's word for it. We were linked up to Mr. Boyd's interview in Instinct where he says this about his real estate work: "Q: ...Have you sold lots of fabulous houses? A: When I first started I had a listing for $6,000,000. At the same time I was selling a condo for $450,000. To me there wasn’t a difference. It was just about doing the best job, finding someone the right fit."
Link: Hunk du Jour - Bobby Boyd
Link: Featured Listing - 14013 Gilmore Street, Van Nuys, CA

Scott J. Cook, Keller Williams, The Cook + Lewis Group
The nominator says: " With a face like this, do we honestly need to write how good of a Broker he is? :) Seriously though, I am an architect/designer and these guys "get it" with regard to how a home needs to be marketed/promoted. In this crazy market, I thought I would have to wait a year before any action, but I was pleasantly surprised. Scott and his group have my vote!"
Link: LA Casting, Scott Cook
Link: Featured Listing - 1127 Tenth Street, #303, Santa Monica, CA