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EaterTastings: No One Wants to Sit At the Kiddie Table

[Photo via Tiki Central Forums]

EaterTastings are up early to help you get a start on your artery clogging weekend. Bon apetit!

1) Hollywood: One man's private celebrity room is another man's kiddie table. Apparently no one wants to sit in the private room at Osteria Mozza.

2) Silver Lake-ish: Lowenbrau Keller is closing. But also kinda sorta getting a reprieve. But also closing - "when the food runs out."

3) West Hollywood: It's taken a couple of years or so, but Bastide moves ever closer to re-opening. Phone lines are finally open, but it might help to make that reservation with your best French accent.

4) West Hollywood: R.I.P. Acapulco's on La Cienega. The place is now shuttered. What will go in there? For the time being, it might just be a Christmas tree lot.

5) Hollywood: Man, are we happy to see this. Red Pearl Kitchen has been put on Deathwatch. Bad food, bad service, big coupons. Not a good sign.

6) Los Angeles: restaurants. The pace is dizzying. In the next few weeks, we've got: Canadian pizza and Korean BBQ opening on Beverly Blvd (thankfully, not in the same place), Boule Atelier on La Cienega and Comme Ca just off that street on Melrose, and just a boatload of new places in Hollywood: Beso, Delancey, Katsuya, Loteria Grill and yet another Adolfo Suaya place in the former Chicken Delight. We'll be starving ourselves for the rest of the summer to make up for the autumn gorging we're planning.