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CurbedWire: Pre-Weekend Edition

[Image of Famous Stars and Straps courtesy of Blackburn and Sweetzer]

BEVERLYGROVE - Miss USA-marrying-and-divorcing, Wahoo Fish Taco-owning, clothing-designing, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker opens the flagship store for his clothing line Famous Stars and Straps on West 3rd Street. The store occupies the former Paul Frank space on the corner of Crescent Heights, and sells wildly overpriced hoodies. [Blackburn and Sweetzer/CurbedWire Inbox]

OAK PARK - It seems like Tesco will leave no stone unturned, no shopping center unfilled. Oak Park is the latest neighborhood to possibly get a Tesco/Fresh & Easy. The site used to house a Ralph's but has been vacant for 5 years. According to the Acorn, Tesco's opening a 15,000 sq foot, and will share the shopping center with "Treasured Memories, a scrapbook store, and Wells Fargo Bank. Cisco's Mexican restaurant will take the former Rustlers space." Obviously, the Conejo Valley is where is its at these days. [The Acorn/CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN - And another theater goes under renovation! Renovations on the Tower Theater on Broadway and 8th is getting a facelift. Live & Play Downtown LA is reporting the exterior is has had the graffiti removed from its stained glass windows and had a power washing a few days ago. Rumor has it the Tower is now owned by the same folks who own the Los Angeles, Palace and State theaters.[Live & Play Downtown LA /CurbedWire Inbox]