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EaterTastings: Please Don't Lick My Pinkberry

July was exhausting. Big openings, small closings. What will August bring? Isn't that supposed to be the quiet month for restaurants?

1) Los Angeles: The latest celebrity chef to set his sights on LA? Todd English. And this time he's coming with a celebrity investor. Eva Longoria and Todd are opening Beso (or De Nada?) in October.

2) Valley Village: For those of you who find the Pinkberry servings too paltry - Menchie's (Ed. note: Worst. Yogurt. Shop. Name. Ever.) lets you DIY your serving, your toppings, and then pay by the ounce.

3) Silver Lake: Want a little Mocha with your Morris Day? Just in time for Sunset Junction, Intelligentsia Coffee is slated to open.

4) New York: Yeah, that's right. New York. We've been getting our share of New York chefs opening in LA - Batali, Colicchio, Tourondel. Now we're sending one of ours over there. Govind Armstrong is opening his first NY restaurant and everyone has an opinion before the lease is even signed.

5) West Hollywood: TV Host Carter Jordan Prescott (really, he should be a character in a Whit Stillman movie, not a Youtube video) proves what we already know: Pinkberry customers are morons and gay people are smarter than the rest of us. So why do we bother linking to this? Just for the chance to embed the video in this post.