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They Get Facebook, But Can LA Girls Get Life in the Big City?

SF Chronicle

What the San Francisco Chronicle did for LA restaurants, it's now hoping to do for our teenage emigrants:

An 18-year-old from Southern California can stress about so much on move-in day at San Francisco State University... The one thing she doesn't have to dwell on anymore as she makes her first home away from home: Who's that 18-year-old in the other bed? Ashley Hillstead, a blonde from just outside of Los Angeles, and Ashley Hollinger, a brunette from the San Fernando Valley, represent a new generation of freshman roommates who've chosen each other via e-mail and social networking sites... More about Angelenas surviving the Northern California tundra:

Will all of the shoes she's brought fit into her half of a 12-by-15 room? Does that nursery-school playground below her window mean that 4-year-olds will be delivering her wake-up call? And where, exactly, do those BART trains she's heard about stop? "Well, at least I know one person here, and we can stick with each other as we're finding our way around," Hollinger said. "We still have to figure out the BART system," noted Hillstead.

And, just for grins, room and board prices for one academic year:

At UC Berkeley, a typical double in one of the high-rise residence halls costs $12,555 for half of approximately 209 square feet. At Stanford, a typical double costs $10,808 for half of approximately 192 square feet.

At San Francisco State, a typical double in one of the high-rises costs $9,856 for half of approximately 180 square feet.

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