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End of Day Sales Stories: The Burbank Collection and the Chapman

Is that the whiff of desperation we smell or just what those economist-types like to call a "market correction"? In the past day or two, we've noticed incentives seem to be up, prices seem to be down. Hmm. First, less than a week after we posted about asking prices at the Burbank Collection, they've dropped. Last week's asking price: $720k. This week: $698,491.

And turning towards downtown, we check back in with the Chapman Flats, one of our favorite bargains in that hood. Just a few months ago interest seemed high, with about 200 people showing up for the open house. But those were probably just a bunch of looky-loos and skinflints looking for some free wine. Because it's incentive time, baby! Purchase a new flat at the Chapman and they'll cover $5,000 of your closing costs. Hm, not bad. But we also require a nightly foot massage and a helper monkey. Throw that in and we're totally there.