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Rumblings & Bumblings: Before Labor Day

For this slow week before the Labor Day Holiday we present you with a handful of questions that your fellow readers would like answers to. If you care to answer you are welcome to email us at or post in the comments.

1) Silver Lake: We know exactly what this reader is talking about, and we'd love a good answer. "Over the weekend, me and my old lady and kid were driving through our neighborhood in Silver Lake, on our way to a pre-school potluck. As we passed by the corner of Glendale and Fletcher (right across the street from Astro Restaraunt) we noticed a sign saying that the 5 or 6 brand new trendy-looking modern houses that have been sitting on the hillside empty for over a year now are currently for lease. Interesting. What's the story here? Why haven't they sold?" UPDATE: We posted on this previously, we were just informed. The homes are being leased. Guess they just couldn't sell. Tough times.

2) Echo Park: In a previous R&B, we mentioned Prana Investments had bought the Jensen Rec Center in EP. "Went to the Fuck Yeah Fest in Echo Park this weekend, was my first encounter with the half-finished venue on the ground floor of Jensen's Rec Center. Anyone know what the deal with that is? The unisex bathroom nook with private stalls, the sofa-lined chill pit, the lofted DJ platform - can't wait for rave to come back."

3) Los Angeles: One of the film locales for Entourage is around the corner from us, but it's a different house. "I was wondering if you guys knew anything about that house they're shooting in Entourage. It's a modern house (at least the interior), with a nice infinity pool, and killer view. I know it's probably not a celebrity house, but maybe you guys could give me some insight."

Answers Thursday?