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Weekend Editorials: What You Missed

Little groggy from the weekend? Yup, us too. A little editorializing to kick-start your week; treat yourself to an extra French Vanilla Coffee-Mate creamer this morning and read:

"New York is not Tokyoizing. Chicago is not Shanghaizing. And Los Angeles is not Manhattanizing."
· We're 'Pasadena-izing' [LA Times]
"I must implore all the well-meaning politicians proposing bailout measures (You know who you are, Richard Alarcon and Hillary Clinton) to just go away and work on curing cancer, or something that will actually help humanity, not enable it to continue on its financially irresponsible path."
· Let mortgage fires burn on [Daily News]
"Given the past, we reserve the right to be skeptical over the vast project, now known as Vista Hermosa, until it opens and provides what is promised."
· Hope at Vista Hermosa [Downtown News]