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LAPD HQ Watch: Down Three More!

The drinks are coming fast and furious now in our LAPD HQ Watch Drinking Game. An article by Kerry Cavanaugh in Saturday's Daily Breeze discusses the future of everyone's favorite pint-size auditor, Laura Chick. In said article Ms. Chick states very matter of factly:

Chick said she's also auditing construction of the new Los Angeles Police Department headquarters after an oversight committee found problems. The project was supposed to cost $300 million when it was approved in 2004, but the cost is $400 million and climbing. "The final end cost is still a work in progress," she said. "I think the budget has changed many, many times and the project has changed many, many times."

Hot damn! Tutor-Saliba is trying to get us drunk, now. Per the rules of the game:4. For every lawsuit generated by "delay", "cost overrun" or "shoddy work" by Tutor Saliba, you take two shots of whiskey with a vodka chaser.

6. If Laura Chick threatens an audit, follow #4 but substitute Jäger for the vodka. And we're off to our favorite drinking establishment.
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