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CurbedWire: Beachy Edition

LONG BEACH - It seems a few residents of Alamitos Peninsula in Long Beach are giving Malibu residents a run for their money when it comes to be a douchebag about public beaches. A reader sends us this article, outlining how some Long Beach residents are "enhancing" their homes on the beach, while also encroaching on public land. Conveniently, Long Beach officials looking the other way, since no one seems to be complaining. [CurbedWire Inbox/The District Weekly]

LONG BEACH - We received this riddle early this morning: Is "Save the Queen" a) A weho tv special; b) A british tv special; c) A tribute to a british rock group; d) an LLC? Riddles and references to teh Sex Pistols make our heads hurt before noon but thankfully our reader provided the answer. "Save the Queen LLC of Newport Beach has acquired the Queen Mary lease and the right to develop the area surrounding the historic ship for $43 million in a bankruptcy auction....Save the Queen LLC is a group of investors who plan to operate the historic Queen Mary ocean liner on the site and redevelop the surrounding oceanfront property." Oh thank god. We hate multiple choice exams. [CurbedWire Inbox/Globe St]

MANHATTAN BEACH - The intrepid Manhattan Beach Confidential blog is chronicling a pretty common trend these days - new home construction going rental. A few of the blog's finds for homes simultaneously for sale and for lease: 2105 Oak – list price: $2.19m, rental price: $8,500/mo; 3611 Vista – list price: $1.85m, rental price: $7,500/mo.; and 512 John – list price: $3.99m, rental price: $20k/mo. Check out the calculations in the comments. [CurbedWire Inbox/MB Confidential]