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MTA Ready to Test Really Big Bus

The MTA is following up on the success of the Orange Line by adding extra large buses to the fleet to handle the increased demand of Valleyites. New 65-foot long bus will be able to carry 100 people along the Orange Line busway, says NBC4.

"Due to the overwhelming success of the Metro Orange Line, San Fernando Valley commuters have said 'Super-size me,' and Metro has listened," said Pam O'Connor, Santa Monica City Councilmember and Metro Board Chair, in a news release posted on the MTA Web site. "This new vehicle is roomier, quieter, more streamlined and, what's more, operates on environmentally clean natural gas." The giant buses will be tested for a year, at which point we hope the MTA will instead decide to lay some rail and quit this nonsense with buses that act like trains.
· MTA Tests Supersized 100-Passenger Bus [NBC4]