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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

Thank you to those of you participating in this week's game. It was a rather exciting contest to see how high we could go. And now, the answer to last week's Roof and Walls in Santa Monica...

Asking Price: $849,000
Listing: This house is very Dwellish. You know what we mean. Clean lines, bold colors, bright open spaces. The listing for the one bed, one bath home on Navy Street says that the "architect owners have unapproved plans for 2nd story additional and back extension over parking area." Approved, unapproved. What's the diff in Santa Monica? The majority of you guessed high this week. Hmmm...

And the winner this week is commenter Westside Bubble who knows his Westside real estate. Commenter Gali of Gali and Ankur fame, hit second closest with a guess of $850,000. Thank you to all those who participated.
· 745 Navy Street, Santa Monica, CA [Bulldog Realtors]