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Reader Rant: Permit Parking in Los Feliz

[image via flickr user javazetti]

The second email in a week came to us complaining about the new permit parking in Los Feliz Village. Both patrons and business owners are peeved and they want someone's head on a pointy stick. First, from a victim of the new parking:

Hi Curbed, Do you know what is up with the sudden appearance of permit parking in Los
Feliz Village? I just got a parking ticket for parking overnight on
Russell, by the Rustic Inn, which is ridiculous since parking was such a
bitch as it was.

Do you know which other streets in Los Feliz are affected?

I need to someone.

And after the jump, an email from the owner of Ozzie Dots with his complaints about bad parking, broken promises, and cat sized rats occupying the sidewalks.
Email #2:

As a merchant of the Village, I came here from Silver Lake, which at the time was becoming crime ridden and scarce on parking. I joined the merchant association to help create the vehicle to make sure we didn't become another Melrose (overcrowding, no parking) and the city never doing anything to alleviate the congestion. We looked at West Hollywood as a model area that actually addressed its problems and improved a lot. Now after being here for thirteen years, I see the failed promises of the recreation of the post office with multilevel parking and the triangle park at the junction of Hollywood, Vermont, and Prospect, which was supposed to be upgraded by Metro to look like something that was a gateway to the Village and to the Observatory. The sidewalks look like a "war zone" in that area. And cat sized rats traverse the street from the carwash. Not to mention the shaboodle of bums being supplied with liquor from the gas station and Rite-aid after getting money for their bottles and cans at the same intersection. Seems like our city fat cats are getting more out of our taxes than we are. What's wrong with this picture?