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EaterTastings: Eater Comments Are Cautiously On, For Reals This Time

[The Clocktower, Dontaskme, Flickr]

We're skipping lunch today so write this post. Oh, the irony! Damn, calorie-free irony!

1) Santa Monica: The westside gets a new brasserie, and Eater readers get to suggest a name. Everybody wins. Comments are now working on Eater, so put on your thinking cap and get to naming. (But our little sister is shy and sensitive, so go easy on her. Try not to accuse her of racism until week 2.)

2) Los Angeles: Everyone else is guessing, why can't she? Eater LA takes try to deduct, extrapolate and infer who are the final two in Top Chef. Could it be our local man, uniballed CJ? MMMMMaybe...

3) Westwood: The yogurt wars get ratcheted up a notch. Something called the National Yogurt Association has certified Red Mango, as, well, yogurt. Uh oh, looks like someone didn't pay their annual dues. Eat that, Pinkberry!

4) Hollywood: Too many osterias. Apparently people are confusing their osterias on Melrose. Because the All' Angelo/Angeli similarities on that street weren't confusing enough.

5) West Hollywood: This place just oozes class. Eater lets us know a place called Harlot will be opening on the Strip next month and is one-upping its neighbors in the vodka-in-a-fishbowl cocktail category. Harlot will serve 60-ounce drinks, making the tourists at Sunset Beach look like total pussies for choosing the 50-ounce drink.