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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Stupid Animals

Everyone has gone on an August holiday and this week's R&B is feeling it. Only five comments?? The raccoon post gets close to 50 and R&B gets 5. Fine. More animal posts from now on. Please feel free to email us at if you have a question about declawing your cat or the crazy anteater we saw in Brazil.

1) Fairfax: No word if there's something nefarious going on with parking along Fairfax. As was stated in the comments, perhaps it has something to do with the busy farmers market and regular congestion that plagues the Grove area.

2) Hollywood: The concrete bunkers at Melrose and La Jolla didn't turn up much from the audience. The new two-story project at the north east corner of the intersection is supposed to house a flagship store for Burton Snowboards, scheduled for opening this November. No word on the shady practices of the contractors or if the project is on hold.

3) Woodland Hills: We asked people in the know but as yet, we have no news on what will replace the Vons in the shopping center at Topanga Canyon & Ventura.

4) Melrose Hill: The carwash where you can also clear your karma elicits no takers. Probably something to do with the City's belief that public art, any public art, will make crappy looking businesses look less crappy. It's sort of true. Also re the Family Mart - via commenter Komori: "The rumor mill has it that Japan's Family Mart was reinterpreted as Famima because the US trademark on the name is held by two little rathole convenience stores in Little Tokyo - that are actually fronts for yakuza operations. Who knows whether it's true, but perhaps they're expanding westward?"

More comments and questions welcomed for next week, please.