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Pedroans Still Refusing to Take Kicks Lying Down

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D.J. Waldie's Op-Ed in the LA Times on the Sunland-Tujunga/Home Depot debacle was going smoothly until he did something horrible. In a throw-away line, he identified San Pedro as "a nowhere place". Waldie will soon learn what we already have. You don't cross a San Pedroan without getting a pox upon your house and a wanted poster in the local San Pedroan voodoo den. The Life on the Edge blog responds to Mr. Waldie:

Let's get one thing straight -- San Pedro is not a "nowhere place," as it was recently described in a column by D.J. Waldie in the Los Angeles Times.

By denigrating the area, Waldie plays into a long held sentiment that San Pedro is not treated with respect by those in downtown. To Mr. Waldie, I would say -- get your facts straight chief, because a lot of people wouldn't agree with your characterization, eh? We suggest Mr. Waldie slaughter a goat and drizzle its entrails in a circle around his home to ward off the Pedroan curse.
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