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In Hotel Design, Black Is the New White

How do you distinguish yourself from the hundreds of budget-conscious hotels sprinkled throughout LA? Not to mention all the design-savvy ones looking to reinforce your own sense of good taste? If you're the future Custom Hotel, you take your design inspiration from the Stones and Paint It Black. Above, the Custom Hotel in its recent white incarnation as the Furama Hotel.

But white is so, you know, early 2007. (Not to mention so grossly functional in a desert environment.)

From Avi Brosh's minions we learn:

The former white façade, Welton Beckett FURAMA Hotel is taking shape as Avi Brosh's new Custom Hotel, set to debut Nov 2007. Wanted to send along the above images of the newly black, only style and budget conscious hotel near LAX..... A product of California's developer cum hotelier, Avi Brosh (Palisades Development Group, he will single handedly deliver, with Custom Hotel, the only CHIC hotel offering in the LAX area. The 250-room hotel will deliver design and substance at a modest price to the highly hotel-stay populated LAX area. Custom Hotel (most recently the gleaming white stucco Furama Hotel) is the firm's first transient hotel property located at the southwest corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Manchester Avenue in Westchester near Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista and LAX. The Custom Hotel tower, originally designed by Welton Beckett, is undergoing extensive renovation including the addition of significant enhancements such as secluded 100-seat restaurant, outdoor fire pit, pool w/ stadium seating, sheep's meadow lounge (Moss sheep stools), vintage vending machines offerings everything from socks to silly putty, playfully themed central rooms on every floor, layover rooms, cool bar lounge, poolside tapas & DJ lounge are just some of the unique features Custom will boast.

Rates will apparently be starting at $129. Beckett not only designed the Furama, but also the Capitol Records building, the Cinerama dome, and the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The man liked his white stucco. Why you gotta mess with that?