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Is There a Bubble in Burbank Too?

We recently received an email from a reader who tipped us off on the new Burbank Collection condos that are now for sale, across the street from the AMC megaplex. Says our reader of the Burbank Collection:

[The condos]?are going to be SOOOOOOO overpriced. Was at the A to the M to the C this weekend and picked up a folder with floor plans and pricing. The cheapest condo is 1190 square feet and something like $720K. I like Burbank and all, it’s nice, but I could live in a newish building in a more coveted hood for about the same price. The biggest units are upwards of $1 million. A little much. I’d love to say I kept the folder to mail to Curbed but it gave me a nasty paper cut and I’m afraid I couldn’t have that. It was tossed.

We'd like to go through the web site but we can't get past the Pete Wentz-wannabe and the chick with the white boots on the home page. White boots? Really? Those are only acceptable on Nancy Sinatra.