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LAPD HQ Watch: Time For Another Drink

It's been awhile since our last shot of Jaeger/vodka/whiskey taken in honor of "delays", "cost overruns" or "shoddy work" at the giant hole in the ground known as the new LAPD headquarters. So now it's time to get your drink on once again. The LA Downtown News is reporting the Board of Public Works just approved an extra $250,000 for "replacement soil." Apparently the site's soil had been contaminated by oil tanks. And our favorite contractors, Tutor-Saliba, heroically discovered the petrol-enriched sediment:

The contamination was identified in January by the contractor, Tutor-Saliba, during the excavation process. It is the latest snafu for a project that has seen costs jump to nearly $400 million. The building will replace aging Parker Center.According to the rules of our drinking game, we think this qualifies as both a "delay" and a "cost overrun" which means you get to take three drinks. Just imagine if Laura Chick was mentioned, all those drinks could be Jaeger.
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