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Countrywide's Loss, Your Gain?

410 Avocado Place, Camarillo, from ExurbanNation

In addition to the run on its cash, bankrupting Countrywide Financial has at least 2,500 "lender owned" properties to unload in California. (We call them "foreclosed.") Something tells us they might have forgotten about this one in Camarillo:

Well Mrs. Dawg and I were yard sailing on Saturday and stopped in. Hey no problem without an appointment; Vacant. Wide open. Not to worry about the danger, the pool was walkable across the mosquito larvae. The crunch of the broken glasstop cooking surface on the kitchen floor made a great burglar alarm. The recent short term tenants obviously perfered Jim Beam and generic brand condoms to the usual Chardonnay and french tickler crowd. And who owns this sweet piece of the American Dream? Countrywide. The listing generously positions this 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 3,584 sf estate as having "so much potential" ... "with a lot of TLC." And $1,199,000.
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