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Curbed LA Pricespotter: An Update on Culver City

A few weeks ago we featured a lovely little live/work compound in Culver City in our weekly guessing game. To review, commenter Claudiajean correctly guessed the asking price of $1,325,000. Now the former front-house tenant writes in with an update, in case you were wondering:

We used to live in the front rental unit until purchasing in another part of CC. Just thought you'd like to know that Karin sold the house(s) in less than two weeks. I'm not sure what the final price was but given that they sold so fast, I'm assuming they were very close the asking price. What's also surprising about the sale is that CC is going to rip out all the yucca trees that line the street. It's going to go from a beautiful, shady canopy of trees to basically nothing, while destroying the sidewalks in the process. The yucca roots are horrible on the pipes so it's good in the long run but ouch. The work's already commenced and we thought that would really hinder their sale.

The MLS listing shows the same asking price for the backup buyer, so we assume our reader is correct about the sale price. Apparently sweltering concrete and construction do not adversely affect real estate in Culver City.