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Monday Morning Thinkage

Today's thinkage comes from a reader, who like us, prefers to eat his grub in a shaded back patio. Sadly, such places are rare in Los Angeles. So we wonder, is this a result of some kind of regulation we're unaware of or just the lack of foresight by the restaurant industry. Anywho, the reader asks for some assistance in locating such dining establishments.

Almost every time I venture out to meet friends for food and drink I ponder silently on where we can all sit outdoors, off the street and in a cool place. I have some staples like the Cat and Fiddle and sometimes Edendale, but why are there not thousands of these kinds of establishments in a City thats basically 72 and sunny all the time. Lets get a list going. Oh and while at, what about day drinking (favorite pastime) when I visit other cities bars are open during the day...not here. sad. Thank you for this thinkage.