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Casting Office Update: Starbucks Cometh

A reader who has been following the saga of the shuttering of the Casting Office and Steamboat building for a gut renovation writes in with an update of the fastest renovation in recent memory:

back in may, i sent in a few pics, after the complex was fully vacated; and now, a fairly short 4 months later, the transformation is nearly complete. in no way is it architecturally significant, but everything is crisp, new, and uniform; and the (yet to be unfurled) palm trees and other landscaping are a nice touch, especially for what was a particularly run-down strip mall. it's amazing how palm trees can dress up a humdrum place. in may, you quoted me: "lots of people are hoping for a starbuck's there...." well, they're getting their wish! the "starbuck's - coming soon" sign is in the window. no word, yet, on the other tenants.

i guess starbuck's part-owner kenny g (yes, *that* kenny g) will be cashing even bigger checks, now.

What, no Pinkberry?