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Spin This: Venice Bike Tour Bigger Than Expected

While we skipped town this weekend and missed both Sunset Junction and the Venice Architecture Bike Tour led by David Hertz, a friend in possession of two things we lack - a bike and patience - took the tour. The attendee list was at capacity, with 60 reservations made. However, about 150 people showed up, ready to ride. We're waiting for the rest of our friend's report later today but if you were there, leave a comment and let us know how you roll.

UPDATE: Our friend on the tour finally writes in with his report: "The architecture bike tour was more of a critical mass ride. 150 people navigated through the Venice neighborhood following David Hertz as he held a megaphone calling on architects of the neighborhood to discuss the design of their homes. Though the buildings were meant to be the subject viewed, it was really the bikers that were on view that afternoon. At one point the bike tour took over a lane of traffic on Lincoln Blvd. They should have taken on the 405."