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Rooftop Pool Pictorial 2: Without the TaTas

Jumping from the red cups and swinging post-sorority styles of 1100 Wilshire, we get a decidedly tamer view of life atop the Broadway Hollywood lofts where residents have jumped head long into the deep end of their 4-foot deep pool. A reader emails:

"Dear Curbed LA, Since I know how much you enjoy adaptive reuse rooftop pool pictures, I've enclosed some that I shot of the Broadway Hollywood rooftop this weekend. I failed to take some snaps of the Kelly Wearstler designed lobby, but can do so this week if there is an interest." We would love to see The Wearstler's lobby, so please pass on more pics. And if any of you in blog-o-vision land have pics of your fancy new rooftop pool, please email us at