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Latest Proposition: Pizza

Pinching from Rumblings and Bumblings because it's almost lunchtime. In comments, semprini fills us in on the question of happenings at Hillhurst and Prospect, a site where previous propositions have failed:

"There's an application pending with the Planning Department to open a take-out pizza joint in part of the building at Hillhurst and Prospect and a sit-down restaurant/bar in the other half of the building with outdoor dining and a large patio. The project is going to have a rough go with the community because it would involve losing some on-site parking spaces (the Specific Plan would say "the subway's right down the street--we don't care") and because the applicant is requesting a full line of booze and live entertainment which is sure to piss off the locals.

"Oh, and the owner is considering this really weird looking led-glass rose motiff--so all you googie fans can remain disappointed, the joint's not gonna be restored to its schnazzy-jazzy glory."
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