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Downtown NIMBYs Want to Halt Filming

Is this the tipping point we've all been waiting for? Not the one that lures a Target, but the one that signals the NIMBYs have arrived Downtown. A poster on the newdowntown listserv, identified as Nofilmingdowntown, has called for a halt to ALL filming, under the reasoning that it disturbs the newly situated loftees and their quality of life. Via the post:

I would like to formally start an e-mail petition to stop filming downtown. The politicians will not make a move against the film industry till we say something strong against filming downtown... We can start a chain that goes out to our friends. I will start the list from my e-mail. Just write "I WANT REDUCED AND NO FILMING DOWNTOWN!" We dont have much time as the DLANC Residents Committee has already formed their opinion on the matter and it includes daily filming from 6am till 11 pm. Those wishing to support the ban on film productions - including wonderful movies such as Spiderman, Transformers and The Fast & The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, are encouraged to email and get your NIMBY groove on.