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This Is One Killer Map

LA Times Homicide Map

We may be a day or two late on this, but at least we're still alive to see it:

If you live in LA (or are considering it) then you may want to check out The Homicide Map... It was just launched on August 13th and is a geo-oriented visualization of the Homicide Report. The map is updated weekly and "is compiled using information from the Los Angeles County Coroner, local law enforcement agencies, and the Los Angeles Times". You can get raw data out via KML and RSS. The Map provides rich search and filtering capabilities on race/ethnicity, age, gender, cause, and day of the week. It's a very impressive site. So a-filtering we went. Sunday is the deadliest day in LA. And 24 people (9 black, 11 Hispanic, 4 white) were killed by police this year. Good news, San Fernando Valley, cops aren't so trigger-happy on your side of the hills. Now, can someone make a map to keep us safe from itinerant preachers?
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