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CurbedWire: Enthusiasm is Okay

LOS ANGELES - One of our super nerdy parking enthusiast friends emails to remind us about Park[ing] Day LA, scheduled for September 21st of this year. The idea is to turn parking spaces around our park deficient city into little oases of greenery and is modeled after a similar event last year in San Francisco. Please be forewarned, if anybody does this in our parking deficient neighborhood, we will cut you. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE - From the inbox and Eater LA, we learn that today at noon Intelligentsia will open its first west coast coffee house at a space in Sunset Junction. An unidentified, enthusiastic emailer shouts: "Its first shop in LA, so said James Marcotte tonight at Silver Lake Wine Tasting, with party tomorrow night. Sunset Junction does not start closing off the area until midnight, so no more congestion in the area than is typical of the area - yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Any way, you have been warned, alerted, and down-right frightened! Now go for it!!!" [CurbedWire Inbox/ Eater LA]

PASADENA - And lastly, a Pasadena enthusiast couldn't resist sending us news that "the 'Dena" has scored a #2 ranking in a list of the top ten places people are moving to in LA County. Good grief. As reported in the SGV Tribune, statistics compiled by NorthStar Moving Corp show Los Angeles (undefined) as being the top draw, followed by Pasadena, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey and Woodland Hills (tied), and Long Beach as the top five draws. Pasadena officials are already touting their #2 ranking to people who care about such things. [CurbedWire Inbox/SGV Tribune]