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EaterTastings: Bavarian Brews, The Beach, And Bonnie

[Image of Lowenbrou Keller from Tiki Central Forums]

It's a small summer miracle - we're actually able to post our EaterTastings before the day is over. So get thee to Intelligentsia, since the place just opened a couple of minutes ago.

1) Los Angeles: Food network hottie Dave Lieberman wants to open a restaurant in LA. We're all for cute chefs who may or may not be gay.

2) Los Angeles: If Ari Gold can run an agency from the Coffee Bean, it's only a matter of time before he has a power lunch at the Olive Garden. Yup, the Olive Garden is the new hotspot for agents looking to poach from rival firms.

3) West Hollywood: Apparently the owners of 'The Beach on Sunset' think we're really, really stupid (although given its location on the Strip, maybe they're not wrong). The beleaguered Sunset Beach has opened and closed more times than Lindsay's gone to rehab in 10 short months, but like a prizefighter who refuses to stay down for the count, it's back. This time as 'The Beach on Sunset.' Now no one will know it's a crappy tourist trap hoping for Miyagi's spillover.

4) Silver Lake: Those of you looking to get your fill of Bavarian brewskis and schnitzel better hop to it. Lowenbrou Keller closes this month.

5) Los Angeles: Our better-connected sister Eater invited us to the Hell's Kitchen finale party. We drank, she worked. We're glad one of us takes this whole blog thing seriously.

6) Century City: Our sister site also lets us know that her Pink Taco is Very Important. So Very Important, she can now skip the line of frat boys and bleached blonds at any location. Is that something to brag about? Well, its more than we have.