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If This Van's A-Rockin'...Part II

Since last week's minor earthquake near Chatsworth, we're like the princess and the pea - hyper-sensitive to garden vegetables tucked under the mattress and any shift in the seismic layer. Or something like that. So we just felt another one, and the USGS Caltech Seismic Net confirms it wasn't just a truck rolling down the street: it was 3.5 magnitude centered 4 miles north of Chatsworth, once again convincing us God has forsaken the Valley.

Co-editor Josh IMed us with his eyewitness account as well: "you can include my report from the west valley. The building gently swayed and people asked if it was an earthquake." The end.

Further away from the earthquake than Josh, contributing editor Eric writes in with an update from Sherman Oaks."Long time resident of hawaii and california says it felt like a 4.6 in sherman oaks. things falling down in offices in sherman oaks, people screaming." Really? We guess Sherman Oaksians are just really really sensitive and prone to exaggeration.
· Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada [USGS]