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Wilshire Blvd Gets Its Bus Only Lane

With Santa Monica Blvd's Transit Parkway Project nearing completion after four or so years, it's about time we found a new major roadway to shake up. Next up: Wilshire Blvd, which the City Council has deemed ripe for a makeover to include bus-only lanes. The City Council voted yesterday to apply for a $27 million federal grant to fund construction of a bus-only lane. If the city gets the money from Uncle Sam, it will also require a 20 percent local match of $5.4 million.

The first phase of the project would involve repairing the curb lane between Fairfax and Western avenues; adding traffic signals and signage; widening Wilshire between Barrington and Federal avenues; and removing curbs between Selby Avenue and Westwood Boulevard and Selby and Comstock Avenue. According to, if the city gets its funding, "the bus lane could open as soon as 2009." But we wouldn't hold our breath if we were you. We're still hoping for that crazy Wilshire Monorail.
· City Council Approves Bus-Only Lane On Wilshire []