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Curbed LA Pricechopper: Lava House Price Lowered

Well, that was fast. We noticed back in June that Burbank's Lava House was for sale (not to be confused with the possibly-wiccan, black-clad, alien-communing Lava Lady). No, this Lava House is "part Tiki fantasy, part sleek mid-century" and so very turquoise. It's also been pricechopped.

What/Where: Single Family Home, Burbank
Sq. Footage: Four bedrooms, two baths, two-car garage, 1,947 SF on 13,000 SF lot
Previous Asking Price: $1,045,000
New Asking Price: $995,000
Pricechopper Percentage: 4.7%

· The Lava House [Architecture For Sale]